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This website is designed to attract the individual who aspires for something more in life than the ordinary things we normally pursue in excess—such as material gain, fame, riches, glory, sex, dependent relationships, etc. My name is Lewis Almeida. I was a student of Gregory Grover, who was my teacher for 24 years from 1970-1994. He was a dynamic spiritual leader of the Spinoza and Gurdjieff Center in Santa Monica.

My interest is to share what I have learned and understand, and which I continue to study, even to this day, the revolutionary teachings and ideas of Spinoza and Gurdjieff. Hopefully, if you decide to attend one of our meetings either personally or through Skype you just may, in time, develop an interest in the process of your own growth and realize this truth for yourself and share it with others so they too will experience and embrace this truth that is available to all.

Gurdjieff was very clear when he said that a group consisting of other individuals who are pursuing similar goals is necessary, and that a teacher by his example knows and leads the way, is absolutely paramount for us to achieve the goals we have set: these revolutionary ideas of Spinoza and Gurdjieff if understood and applied within a study group environment has tremendous synergistic results. Its purpose is to help us see objectively areas of our nature that we want to improve so that we will ultimately become a “Master of Ourselves and Our Emotions.”

The goal would be to join with others in search of something new that would enable us to develop mental and emotional strength. We must want to do this to become self-confident, develop self-mastery, and develop a consciousness of ourselves, of other individuals and ultimately have an awakened love and union with God. This is the path to true happiness and fulfillment. And this goal of ours would be to develop a level of character to such a degree that it would be permanent within us. It would be impossible for anyone to take it away or destroy it.

Studying the ideas of Spinoza and Gurdjieff, in relationship with your nature, is the direction in which I want to take you. If you listen to our videos, please email me if you have any questions about meetings or questions about our teachings. (See the Contact Us page.)  Keep checking this website for any future announced of open public meeting and events.

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